League Bowling Schedule



5 Person Men's League

Full House, Starts at 6:30


1:00pm is a lively 3 person league, great for retired persons, flexible schedules, and stay at home moms! Finished by 3pm! All ages and a great time

6:30pm is a 4 person Women's league with a wide range of novice ladies looking for a night out with the girls and slightly competitive women looking to score big! Either way there is fun music and great food and drinks!


Wednesday is KIDS DAY! There is a packed house of youth bowlers after school at 3:45 to about 5:30pm! The youth program is booming and last year our Maquoketa Cardinals were district champs and state runner ups! Bowling is a life long sport to be competitive and perfect your skills!

There is full open bowling lanes Wednesday night (6-10pm) for a fun night out or to make up league :)

This year we are adding a 3 person 10 week league starting at 7pm 

*Dates available are Sept. 5th -Nov. 7th : Nov. 14th-Jan 16th : Jan. 23rd-March 27th 

*Join one, two, or all 3 leagues 


Thirsty Thursday is a 5 Person Men's League starting at 6:30pm! There is some bowling and lots of socializing and watching some football on the TV's as well! 

There is senior bowling at 1pm

-No commitment

-Great Socialization and exercise 

-Only 5 dollars for 3 fun games 

-All year Around 

There are two lanes for open bowling this night so call ahead to reserve :)


T.G.I.F bowling league is the perfect way to meet up with friends and start your weekend right! It is a 3 person bowling league so it is fast pace and exciting! Often entertainment to follow in the bowling center! Open Cosmic bowling 9-Midnight 


Saturday Mornings at 10am is another YOUTH bowling league! The more you bowl the better you can get. Personalized lessons and fun for all.

Saturday Night is a 4 person mixed league perfect for date night out :) lots of fantastic food and beverages 

Starts at 6:30

Only one pair of open lanes during league time so call ahead to reserve and open cosmic bowing that night 9-Midnight 


Stop down any Sunday at 11am for a bloody marry and sports on TV

Every Other week we have Youth/Adult league at 5pm or 4 Person couples league at 6pm