League Bowling Schedule


5 Person Men's League

Full House, Starts at 6:30


1:00pm is a lively 3 person league, great for retired persons, flexible schedules, and stay at home moms! Finished by 3pm! All ages and a great time

6:30pm is a 4 person Women's league with a wide range of novice ladies looking for a night out with the girls and slightly competitive women looking to score big! Either way there is fun music and great food and drinks!


Wednesday is KIDS DAY! There is a packed house of youth bowlers after school at 3:45 to about 5:30pm! The youth program is booming and last year our Maquoketa Cardinals were district champs and state runner ups! Bowling is a life long sport to be competitive and perfect your skills!

There is full open bowling lanes Wednesday night (6-10pm) for a fun night out or to make up league :)


Thirsty Thursday is a 5 Person Men's League starting at 6:30pm! There is some bowling and lots of socializing and watching some football on the TV's as well! 

There are two lanes for open bowling this night so call ahead to reserve :)


T.G.I.F bowling league is the perfect way to meet up with friends and start your weekend right! It is a 3 person bowling league so it is fast pace and exciting! Often entertainment to follow in the bowling center! Open Cosmic bowling 9-Midnight 


Saturday Mornings at 10am is another YOUTH bowling league! The more you bowl the better you can get. Personalized lessons and fun for all.

Saturday Night is a 4 person mixed league perfect for date night out :) lots of fantastic food and beverages 

Starts at 6:30

Only one pair of open lanes during league time so call ahead to reserve and open cosmic bowing that night 9-Midnight